5 Best Android Games

Best Gaming Apps for Android Games:

1. Batman The Enemy Within

It has occupied almost the entire space in the gaming world, its combination of Graphics + Comics + Action + Adventure + Reality + many more.

2. Another Lost Phone

Laura’s Story: In this game you. Become a CID agent and find the lost phone. Normally, help find the phone and get rewarded!

3. Into The Dead 2

Live in the era of all the zombies spread everywhere and you have to try to survive. You will be given many tools and have to remove the dead in any way. The game is really beautiful.

4. Middle-Earth

Shadow of War: Play while looting rings and fighting with enemies in the king’s army. This is a simple, but very strategic game, you will love it.

5. Night Run

Endless running game but the graphics are like all night where you will find shadows of trees and other obstacles. Unlike other games, the player will find it difficult to spot obstacles in the night vision, and it has become a really popular game to bypass with intellectuals.

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