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Get to know the Free Alternatives to overcome the Crack dependency of IDM

People who use Windows, download various files, but have not heard the name of IDM or Internet Download Manager, cannot be found even if they search hard. It is a very popular and feature rich download manager. Even if everything is fine, the problem is that the software is not free. If you spend about 1500 rupees, you can get its lifetime license.

But instead of doing this we download crack from various sites which works for many and not for many.

**Also after some time there is a para to ask for the serial.

Again, many users are victims of Ransomware or various other virus attacks. So today I will discuss some alternatives with which you will not get all the features of IDM, but you will get much better speed, Resume Capability and other important features.

So without further delay let’s go to the main post.

Free Download Manager or FDM

*** So for free download manager you will search Google Free Download Manager or FDM

Click on the first link that appears and go to the download option. Not just Windows. According to your needs, you can get Mac and Linux. You can also get it for Android by searching on Play Store.

*** Click on download and wait for the download.

*** Then install as normal.

*** Installation complete. Now it remains to set it up with the browser, which is called Browser Integration in the language of Free Download Manager.

*** For this you need to open FDM and go to the right-side menu option and click on Preference.

*** On the side you will see there is an option called Browser Integration. If you click on it, you will see the extension page link for various popular browsers Edge, Chrome, and Firefox.

*** Click and install the extension according to your required browser.

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Now it’s time to test whether the extension is actually working or not.

*** First of all open the browser you will be using for the download and make sure the extension is activated or not. If not, do it.

*** Now see if you download something, it is catching FDM. Click on Download and your download will start.

*** In case of Android, you can just copy the download link and press the plus button inside the app and paste the link to download.

**And yes. With FDM you can also download torrent files. So there is no need to install BitTorrent separately. You will also be free from the hassle of ads.

So this way you can do all your work by installing download manager.

So think now. Why would you unethically run Cracked or Pirated software when there are free alternatives?

Parallel Downloading

If you find it difficult to use the download manager alone or prefer to stick to the browser’s default download method,

Then you can enable the parallel download system of Edge and Chrome.

This will greatly increase your download speed.

*** That’s why you can find Chrome Flags from Chrome and Edge Flags from Edge by doing a parallel search in the search option.

***If enabled, the browser will restart and this feature will start working.

Downloader works like IDM / FDM basically by using this parallel download system. They are (IDM / FDM) download managers only because they have a download management system.

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Since browser Experimental feature. So it would be advisable to use FDM.

I don’t know if Firefox has such a feature built-in. But many users use Multithreaded Download Manager. You can try that too.

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