Know the necessary information before buying earphones and headphones!

Don’t waste your time by hastily reading some parts, to know you must patiently read the entire post carefully!

Nowadays almost everyone is using earphones and headphones for gaming, watching movies, listening to videos and audio songs, or talking. But when I go to buy a good quality headphones for myself, I see several options in the market, such as:

  • Earphones
  • Headphones
  • Air Pods
  • TWS
  • Wired
  • Wireless

You may get confused as to which one is better to take. What type of headphones should I buy for gaming? Which earphone is better for talking on the phone? etc. questions may come, so in today’s post I will discuss this topic. So that you can choose the best earphone for yourself.

Before you know what type of headphones you need to buy, you must first know about the drivers used in headphones and earphones. What is this driver?

When you go to buy any earphones or headphones, you may have noticed that you are told that these headphones or earphones have 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm drivers. But what is this driver? Does it work? You must know this.

To put it simply, the use of any headphone or earphone driver is basically to convert Electrical Signal into Audible Sound. So that the incoming electrical signal is converted into Audible sound and you can hear and understand it.

Now, if an electrical signal comes directly to your ear, will you be able to understand it? Of course you won’t understand. And this is where the driver does his job.

There are several types of drivers that are present in any headphones and earphones, such as:

  • Dual-Driver
  • Dynamic Driver
  • Electrostatic Driver
  • Hybrid Driver

If I start explaining to you one by one the drivers that there are, you might find it boring, so I won’t say so much more.

Now when you buy headphones and earphones, you see 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm drivers, to put it simply, the larger the driver size, the better the sound quality you will get in the headphones and earphones. So these small things must be taken care of when buying new headphones and earphones.

There are several types of headphones!

  • In-Ear-Headphones
  • TWS
  • On-Ear Headphones
  • Over-Ear Headphones

So now let’s know about them one by one. Then maybe you can figure out which one will be better for you.


As the name suggests, these headphones will reach your ears. The headphones you use, either wired or wireless! These are called In-Ear-Headphones when they reach the ear.

The big advantage of this type of headphones is that they are portable and lightweight. That means you can take them anywhere you want. But the sound quality of this type of earphone is somewhat low. Because the driver size of this type of headphone is slightly smaller.

You may have noticed that the magnets of these types of headphones are very small and therefore you don’t get high sound quality compared to other headphones. These types of headphones will be good for those who use earphones for long periods of time.

For example: watching movies, listening to video songs for a long time. And those who don’t want para of charge. These types of headphones are also suitable for talking on the phone. After that comes,

TOS – True Wireless Stereo

These types of earphones are somewhat expensive compared to In-Ear-Headphones. They are stylish and portable. But they have a drawback, they have to be charged repeatedly! So TWS is best suited for those who go to the gym, want to use earphones to listen to music while going to the gym, TWS Earphones are best suited for them.

Also if you want to show yourself Stylish, Good Looking then you can also use TWS Earphones.

But if you want to use TWS Earphones for gaming then this is not for you! Because its latency is not that good, due to which you will not get the real time sound of gaming. That’s why TWS Earphones won’t be good for gamers. Then the types of headphones that come are:

Over-ear headphones

These headphones are best for gamers and hardcore music lovers who listen to a lot of music! These types of headphones are somewhat expensive and heavy. The difference between On-Ear and Over-Ear Headphones is that,

On-ear headphones will only fit in your ears. And over-ear headphones don’t just come close to your ears, they cover your entire ears so that you don’t hear any outside noise.

It will be best for those who do extreme gaming and those who like to listen to music a lot. And these types of headphones are a bit expensive because the driver size of these types of headphones is quite large. Due to which you will get excellent sound quality and base. Also, the real fun of listening to music, Real Time Sound Experience, you will get in this type of headphones.

Another very important thing is the headphone cable. Many people do not give much importance to this matter. Most people don’t pay attention to the cables that come with headphones and earphones.

If you use normal cable type earphones, you will notice that after a certain period of time, the cable will deteriorate from inside. And there are several types of headphone cables.

  1. Round plastic cable earphones
  2. Flat cable earphones
  3. Nylon braided cable in earphones

These 3 types of cables have their own advantages and disadvantages. At first the Round Plastic Cable Earphones are a bit cheap and low quality, and after a while it deteriorates. But you may have noticed that the cable of this type of headphone gets tangled or patched by itself. Many times you yourself can not understand that so many tangles, patches come from where? I didn’t do it.

And again and again, every time it needs to be fixed. Which is very annoying! And to solve this problem Flat Cable Earphone has been brought in the market. This type of earphone does not take any kind of tangle, patch easily. And of course the build quality of this type of earphone is much better than Round Plastic Cable Earphone. You can easily get flat cable earphone between 60 to 100 rupees as the current market price. (Example: QMobile) The cable type that comes after is:

Nylon Braided Cable Earphone

These types of wired headphones and earphones have Durability, Build Quality Better than Round Plastic Cable Earphones and Flat Cable Earphones. These types of headphones and earphones do not have any kind of crack, the outer and inner wires are not easily damaged.

Let me teach you a small tip, read carefully..! If you have a broken earphone, turn it in your hand like you turn a key, and stare at the phone display and remember your childhood. A broken earphone needs to be put to some use.

Anyway, no more bullshit. If this post is helpful to you, then my writing is a waste of time.

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