Now use your handwriting as an Android phone font, and surprise everyone

App Name: #InstaFontMaker -Make TTF
Fonts v1.041_1223
Size: 4.25 MB
Requirements: Android 2.1 & Up
★Information >>> How if on your phone
As your own handwriting font
Can use? Means the phone
Any text anywhere
In your own handwriting
There will be.!! Many of us are on the phone
Use different fonts, especially root
user In this case, made by others
font we have to use. But this
With the app you are easily yours
You can create your own font
Even your own handwriting
You can change the font. However

It’s not a font installer, it is
font maker only means font in TTF format
will make Use that font later
For you font installer, ifont, hifont
(myfont) must use these apps.
And internet to use the app
Connection required and email
Need address.
Usage: Open in application
Do, then letters for you to write
It will show, you font with finger
Write. To write A-Z, a-z, 1-0
will be Writing all the letters in your own hand
Next app is your email or Gmail
By sending the ttf font to the address
will give From there you font
t must be downloaded. or
Copy that link to Opera, UC
You can also download with
Root the phone to use this app
Don’t have to have but to install the font
Almost all phones except some phones are rooted

Must have since iFont, Hifont
It won’t work on unrooted phones
Keep a nandroid backup
Instructions >>> Paid version. Normal install
You can use it.
Play Store Price>>> 4$

Buy Now Amazon

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