Own an international virtual MasterCard and pay worldwide.

Are you looking for an easy, fast and secure payment card for global transactions? If you are looking, then this post of mine is for you today. To put it a little differently, are you looking for something as opposed to Paypal? You can get a virtual payment card i.e. internationally supported MasterCard and digital wallet in your name in just 02 minutes after reading this post of mine.

For this you must visit Pyypl. In just 02 minutes you can get it from your mobile and start using it immediately. Pyypl Card is a digital debit card that works electronically through your mobile phone. You will get your virtual Pyypl Mastercard number in your app in seconds and you can start using it immediately to pay using Pyypl card at more than 50 million stores and websites worldwide.

It is the official financial services agency based in the Middle Eastern country of Bahrain and authorized by the Central Bank and Financial Services Regulatory Authority of the United Arab Emirates. So that you can rest assured that it is not a scam or hassle but an officially approved card.

Pyypl MasterCard is a 100% secure prepaid payment card. In it you can instantly load or deposit money and use it to pay any amount without any of the hassles of using a credit card. You can use Pyypl anywhere in the world where MasterCard is accepted. It is a genuine virtual card instead of a classic credit card. You can make any payment quickly and easily as per your need at any time.

Pyypl is completely safe to use for online shopping, without the risk of receiving any unwanted credit card bills. You can only use your loaded money. Notably, Pyypl has recently taken steps to work with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

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Secure Transactions:

According to the authorities, it is completely safe for online payments. Why not, if someone ever tries to use your card illegally, you can control it by freezing and unfreezing your card with one click.

Card Eligibility:

You don’t need any bank account to get the card, you don’t need to show any salary statement. Also no cheques, no paperwork and no need to visit a bank branch. And you are from any country? You can take this card.

How to send and receive money:

Receive and send money to other Pyypl users in moments.

Keeping track of transactions:

You can keep track of your expenses.

Method of depositing (recharging) money on the card:

You can easily deposit money into the card from any of your bank accounts, debit cards, credit cards, bank transfers and other mwallets. (There will be another post on this later if you are interested.)

Recharge and other payments:

You can recharge money on any mobile number through this card. Also internationally Du, Etisalat, Virgin Mobile, Salik, Hello! Pay for VoIP, Five VoIP, iTunes UAE, Google Play and Netflix accounts.

Now let’s talk about how to open an account on Pyypl. Here you can open account in two ways. One is through their website. And another is through the app. If you want to open an account through the website, then visit this link – and give the information as per their instructions and click on the send button.

Then they will tell you what to do next. But according to me you open account in second method. That is, open the account through the app, then quickly and instantly you can open your desired account and get your card. Note that if you want to close your account for life. Yes, here they are giving you a great opportunity.

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For this you need to click on the profile option by clicking on the menu bar on the left side of the app. You will see a button called Close Account at the bottom like the screenshot above. You can close your account at any time by clicking on it. Or uninstalling the app from your mobile will also cancel your account.

So far I have talked about account opening and account related matters. This time let’s know some more information on this topic. Any data you share with them is 100% secure. According to them they will not share your data with anyone.

Where can you use your Pyypl card? You can pay with Pyypl card at over 50 million stores and websites, both locally and internationally. Also, if you have a PayPal account, you can also link your Pyypl card to your PayPal account.

You can send foreign remittances to around 60 countries around the world from your Pyypl account. They mainly come to operate in the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia. And their main target is the laborers working in the Middle East. So that anyone can easily send money to their own country by using it. So in my opinion, our expatriate brothers in the Middle East can use it.

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Keep track of the rate at which they are advancing their activities. It means they want to take over PayPal’s market. That said, I think it is possible if they continue to do well. Why not PayPal has no service in many countries. I have said a lot in one post. So through another post I will discuss how to load or deposit money on this card and how much fee or charge will be deducted in any sector.

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