There are many different functions of the scroll button of the mouse.

To use a computer, many types of devices need to be connected. An important device among these is the “mouse.” Through this mouse we perform computer tasks easily. We all know that usually every mouse has at least 03 buttons. Some mouse cases are different. We know or call these three buttons of the mouse as left button, right button and scroll button.

Among these we mostly use the left button. Compared to the other two buttons. Especially the scroll button we use less. Only use it to scroll a page or something. But we can use this scroll button for other purposes besides scrolling if we know it. So we will know about some such functions of scroll button today through this post.

Additional functions without scrolling:

Opening file or folder: We usually double click the left mouse button to open a file or folder on the computer. Or for those who cannot double click (new users) right click and then click on Open text. So if you have a problem with double clicking, then you can open any file or folder with one click using the scroll button of the mouse. For this, you have to click on the mouse scroll button with the mouse cursor on the file or folder you want to open.

Clone of open app on taskbar: If you want to launch another clone of an app pinned to the taskbar of your PC i.e. want to run one app as two separate apps then you can do it through this scroll button. For example, we often have to open two browsers separately to use different services on the Internet. Then we can do it in this way.

Closing an app: We usually close the running app or the minimized running app in the taskbar by clicking on the app from the taskbar and then clicking on the close button. Or click the right button with the mouse cursor on the app in the taskbar and click on the text Close. But if you want not to do that much, just hover the mouse cursor over the icon of the app in your taskbar. After downloading you will see a preview of the app. Then put the mouse cursor on the preview and click on the scroll button. And see your app is closed.

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Auto Scroll: Hope everyone knows this pretty much. Clicking the scroll button of the mouse on any page i.e. word, excel or web page of any browser will show the auto scroll button. Through this we can auto scroll without scrolling or turning the scroll button of the mouse.

Closing Internet Browser Tabs: If you have multiple tabs open in any Internet browser. Now if you want to turn them off, move your mouse cursor to the middle of the tab and click the scroll button.

Opening links in a new tab: If a website contains a link to another site within the browser. Now you want to open it in another new tab next to the current site. For that we usually click right mouse button and then click new tab. But if you want, without doing so much, just click on the scroll button with the mouse cursor on the link you want to open in a new tab. And see immediately a new tab is opened without any hassle.

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Open all browser bookmarks in one click: We usually bookmark various useful website links in the browser for later use. Now if you want, to visit all bookmarked websites together. For this, if you click the scroll button with the mouse cursor on the bookmark, all your bookmarked links will be opened together.

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So in this way you can do various tasks of your computer easily through the scroll button of the mouse. So with that I end my post here today. If you found this post helpful, don’t forget to like and comment.

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