Top 5 Local Multiplayer Games by WiFi-Hotspot

01. Drive Ahead

  • Two people can play on one mobile and can play on two mobiles with a WiFi hotspot
  • Controlling the game is very easy.
  • Only two buttons to go back and forward
  • Driving in this way, hit the opponent’s head with a car or something else in the game.
  • You are the winner if you beat your opponent 5 times in normal mode and multiplayer
  • Besides, the game has 4 different modes. Once you get into mission mode, you never want to get out

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02. Muffing King Free

  • This is the best multiplayer game I have ever seen.
  • The graphics are pure butter
  • 1player is a bit boring
  • But if two people play, I can guarantee you will have fun.
  • As you play, your level will increase and characters will be unlocked
  • Controls will be a bit difficult at first
  • Be patient once you understand the controlling the game is in your hands
  • If multiplayer is played by two people, they will give ice cream of different color for both of them which they have
  • to eat. You can’t eat the other one. You have to unlock another stage by eating this ice cream.
  • If your friend dies then you can revive him by eating his ice cream and if both of them die then the previously
  • eaten ice creams will be removed.

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03. Armored Car HD

  • The graphics are awesome
  • Driving in this game is very difficult
  • But fear not 😜 it has auto driving
  • Now you may think what is the fun if you have auto driving!
  • The fun is not just driving but your car will have (bullet, rocket, boost, mine bomb)
  • And I don’t think anyone needs to download this mod.
  • Because the game will give (Gulli, Rocket, Boost, Minebomb) as a reward for opening the game every day
  • You can earn dollars by viewing the ad(s) of the game.

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04. Shades

  • The stages of the game do not have to be unlocked again
  • All are already unlocked
  • And you can download the mod from Google to buy the gun
  • Controlling perfect graphics.
  • But life ends quickly.
  • You can play against your friend

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05. Cyber sphere

  • Controlling graphics are both Jose
  • Shoot down opponents with your spaceship on another planet
  • In this way, after passing 5 waves, the level will end
  • But the stages are very difficult
  • Better to download the mod from Google and play
  • I don’t have the mod otherwise I would have given it
  • If the background music was nice, the game could have been enjoyed more
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