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What is e-SIM? Learn more about e-SIM.


SIM cards have not undergone much change since their inception in 1991. With the new SIM technology, the size has become smaller and become nano, and micro, but its basic concept has not changed much. It means that the size of the SIM cell of every mobile phone has decreased, so the SIM has become smaller, but the shape of the circuit has not changed.

The card has survived so long in the technology wars, but now it’s time for its retirement. E-SIM or Embedded SIM is going to replace the current SIM card. Although only a handful of mobiles currently have it, it will be the new standard in the future.

What is e-SIM?

Before talking about e-SIM let’s talk about how SIM works. SIM is the full form of the Subscriber Identity Module, i.e. it carries the identity of the user. A SIM card confirms your identity to the SIM carrier or SIM company. As a result, you can enjoy the network and benefits of that carrier. When this is not possible or an error occurs, your phone disconnects from the network.

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A SIM has an International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) Number which is completely unique or a unique number. This number is sent by the mobile phone to your preferred SIM network, allowing them to identify you. It also has an authentication key, which makes it impossible to send false information.

Difference between E-SIM and Normal SIM-

E-SIM works in a similar way, but these SIM card technologies are built into the phone. Simply put, as the processor is embedded in the phone’s chipset, so is the SIM. That is why it is called EMBEDDED SIM. Normally we can’t see it or figure it out.

In a regular SIM this information is written at all, but in an e-SIM this information may vary depending on the SIM carrier. That means you can easily join from one network to another network by changing your network information.

Nowadays some WiFi networks have to be signed in to use, so you have to use the network with data on the SIM network. It is also smaller in size than normal SIM. While a regular SIM is 15×25 mm and the current smallest nano SIM measures 8.8×12.3 mm, an e-SIM is only 6.0 mm wide. As this small size allows space for other components in a device, the use of SIM in miniature or IoT devices is also increasing.

Benefits of e-SIM

The range of benefits of e-SIM is much greater than that of existing SIM cards. First, it can be used on very small devices. By changing the internal design of the phone, more new features can be added or we will get a more slim device. A major obstacle to any phone being waterproof is the SIM card tray. Without it, getting a waterproof phone would be relatively easy.

People who travel will benefit the most with e-SIM. Whether from one country to another or within a country, changing SIMs is a hassle. There is also a possibility of getting lost using multiple SIMs. Besides, there is the matter of buying a SIM card. Nowadays, if the SIM is lost, it has to be replaced again, the SIM numbers are no longer available. There is no problem in using e-SIM. A sign-up or a call to the SIM operator may be enough to change this.

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There is no possibility of losing SIM or number. We had to switch SIMs to go from 3G to 4G, but a phone with a 5G supported e-SIM doesn’t have this hassle. In other words, they will be able to join 5G first without any trouble. Cases of phone theft are often heard and are happening regularly. If the phone is connected to an e-SIM, the theft of the phone will also be reduced or even if it is stolen, it will be easily found.

E-SIM will not have the opportunity to throw away the SIM by stealing the phone. Every phone can be tracked easily with SIM. It is a labor-saving addition not only for users but also for SIM companies. Both time and resources will be saved in SIM production and distribution. No need to rush to buy a SIM. Not all SIMs are available in underserved areas. This problem will be solved.

Are there any difficulties?

Trickbd people say, the functionality of an e-SIM depends on whether the SIM company supports it or not. Support from SIM companies is essential to make it fully usable worldwide. That’s why current phones still use standard SIM. But the world’s top SIM companies have already added e-SIM to their services.

Among these, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon etc. are notable. About 200 mobile SIM operators in 90 countries plan to switch their services to e-SIM this year. It is expected that as the number of supported phones increases, so will the number of supported SIM networks.

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