What is Root? Discussing the root

→ What is Root?
→ Why Root?
→What are the pros and cons of rooting?

Currently using Android Smart Phones, but
Finding people who have never heard of Root
Doubt whether to go!! But many new Androids
The user does not know that Root is actually?
To get more performance on Android devices
Many people think that it is rooted. So many are extra
Root the Android device to get performance
stay But seen after rooting the Android device
Goes their device performance is same as before
or less than before. Then they are disappointed
Thinking, then the advantages of rooting the Android device
What exactly??
What is Root? :-]] ===============
Root literally means the root of a tree. But on Android
Root means a permission. Rooting
That Permission or permission, which is Android
Gives the user maximum power.
Rooting is the user on that device if this permission exists
You can do whatever you want. In Windows operating system
System without user administrator privileges
Cannot work with files (which are usually
resides on the C drive). Linux also has root permission
Perform system administration tasks without users
doesn’t go
You bought the device, but you didn’t
Operating System did not install, right? device
Before the manufacturer packages the device
Android built on Linux kernel from computer
Operating System installed. It needs to be said here
That, the basic basis of Android Operating System is the same
A company arranges it in one way or another
Can customize. That’s why Sony has one
Samsung’s with the user interface of Android devices
There is very little similarity between the interface of an Android device
is available Your device manufacturer company
Did not give root access to their device on purpose. That’s it
There may be some anger towards the company. But the company
It does this to protect their device.

Phone manufacturers lock their phones on purpose
gives The files in the root folder are extremely
necessary If you delete any of them by mistake
The device may stop working. Moreover
Viruses or malicious programs often root
May damage the device. But because of Lock
User does not get Root Access, so else
Programs have the potential to gain root access
no There is another reason to release the phone in the market by locking it
System applications and files. Many are internal memory
Various applications on SD card to free up

transferred. System if rooted
Applications can also be transferred. but
The operating system has some files that are internal
Memory needs to stay where it belongs.
When the user roots the device, naturally
Knowing a lot then root. Then it is said
That is, some system apps transfer to SD card
Doing so may cause problems. But if in normal condition
If the set is rooted, then without the user knowing
can damage the set.

Think about who has less idea about technology, if he thinks
So that the internal memory space of his phone is empty
And for that he went to the root folder of his phone
Moved all files to SD card. Root already
Because of Access, it’s time to move files
The device will not block anything. But in the middle of moving
The phone will shut down and no longer work properly.
Then he will put all the blame on the shoulders of the company. And if root
If locked, the user will find the root folder
Hope everyone now understands why Android
The phone company gives Default Root Access to the device
no But almost 95% of devices can be rooted.
No phone company markets rooted devices,
Because most buyers are casual buyers
There is no need to root the device.
[[Why root device?]] ======================
→ To increase phone performance or internal
To free up memory.
→To speed up the device by overclocking
→Various created by independent developers
To use Custom Rom.
→ Various systems to enhance performance
Use of applications, except for rooted devices
doesn’t work
[[Rooting Features]] ==================

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Performance Enhancement:
Unused files of the device using different Apps,
The speed of the phone is correct by regularly deleting temporary files etc
Over Clocking:
CPU speed is higher than normal
Work faster. Through this in any special work
If the processor speed needs to be increased, it can be done.
Under Clocking:
When the device is already lying around, the CPU is wasted
Reducing its working capacity by not working.
By doing this it is possible to increase the battery backup.
★★Custom UI:-
Your device’s homescreen, lock screen, menu, etc

Various user interface designs over time
May not like it. Then you are new to the device
Can bring all new custom user interface
through These are also known as ROMs.
★★Custom Rom:-
If rooted, you will get the benefit of Custom Rom Install.
Many developers custom for different popular devices
Create Custom Rom. You install these Roms
You can transform your set into a completely new set.
Its wings must not grow from outside
Camera will not be 5 megapixels to 8 megapixels,
But also in the interior design and performance in particular
Radical changes will come.
[[Difficulties of Rooting]] ===================

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★★Loss of Warranty:
Rooting the device voids your warranty
will go So be careful before rooting. Of course many sets
Can be unrooted again. And if the set is unrooted
The technicians at the service center are often available
Can’t that set was rooted. But custom ROM
There is no way to avoid getting caught.
★★Bricking the phone:
Brick means brick. And phone brick
Means to brick your device. that is,
Losing its ability to function. route
The time of doing and following various tasks is a little bit here and there
Then there may be permanent or temporary problems with the phone.
The phone is unrooted by the phone manufacturer
marketed, so as not to harm it. By rooting
You are breaking that guarantee.
[[last words:]] ==========
By reading this, I hope you have at least some idea why
Rooted, its pros and cons etc.
Now you want to root the Android device.
Or don’t root??
[[Special Note:]] ===========
→ Forgiveness will be seen with a beautiful eye.
→→ Thank you ←←

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